Material Culture – Brandt & Clare,

Brandt & Clare, “Material Culture” from An Introduction to Popular Culture in the US.

After reading Brandt & Clare’s chapter “Material Culture” choose to analyze either what you eat or what you wear? What does what you eat or what you wear on an average day reveal about your age, marital status, economic status, religion, occupation, personal style, and ethnicity? (Include pictures of the meals or outfits that are part of your analysis. You do not need to be included in the photos!)

(200-word count minimum)



Season 1, Episode 7, “Fried Rice” from Ugly Delicious, Netflix, 2018.

Season 1, Episode 8, “Stuffed” from Ugly Delicious, Netflix, 2018.

What was the point of David Chang structuring an entire episode of Ugly Delicious around a mock debate between Italian stuffed pasta and Asian dumplings? What differences did the mock debate allow Chang to explore about stuffed pasta and dumplings, especially around race and value in the Western culinary world? What similarities did it allow Chang to highlight?

*200-word count minimum


Identify and describe the 5 phases of the method to study foodways. (Make sure you describe EACH phase.)

(70 word count minimum)Top of Form