Medical Ultrasound Sonography Knowledge

I need an outline for organs of the body

Organs: Location



Vascular Anatomy


Anatomical Variants

Congenital Anomalies


Clinical Findings (signs & symptoms)

Ultrasonic Appearance & Echogenicity

Technique maneuvers to finding organ ultrasonically

Focal & Diffused

Risk Factors



-Bileduct & Gall Bladder





-Urinary Tract

-Abdominal Vasculature

-Gastrointestinal Tract & Abdomonal Wall

-Male Pelvis


2. Obsterics/Gynological (Specific Fetal Measurements should be included & explained, such as CRL, BPD, FL, HC, OFD, AC, EFW. (Trisomy levels briefly listed & explained)

-Anatomy of Female Pelvis

-Uterus & Vagina

-Ovaries & Fallopian Tubes

-Fetal First Trimester

-Fetal Head & Brain

-Fetal face & Neck

-Fetal Spine & Musculoskeletal System

-Fetal Heat Chest

-Fetal Gastrointestinal System

-Fetal Genitourinary System

Topics to be outlines under this information




-Spinal Bifida

….Name 3 more complications similar to these to add on

There must not be any long paragraphs keep it medically professional and to the point.


For each Organ listed Add information of diseases and other complications that can occur

Writter must be able to correct if not done how I need it