Micro-Economics Rock

University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Department of Resource Economics
RESEC 102 Spring 2021
Nathalie Lavoie
Due: Friday, April 23, 11:59 pm in Moodle.
10 % off per hour late.
The goal of this activity is to stimulate your thinking about microeconomics concepts and principles.
Your assignment through the semester is to keep your ears open to songs that explore some of the ideas
and concepts of microeconomic theory covered in this course. You must find one song illustrating at
least three concepts of microeconomics. There is no restriction on the music styles; pop, rock, country,
jazz, rap, whatever makes you tap your feet!
Your submission must contain the following elements and must be formatted according to the following
 Your name and student ID
 Song: Title of the song and the name of the band/singer.
 Song Lyrics
 Relevant Microeconomic Concepts. Provide an exhaustive list of the microeconomic concepts,
ideas, theories that are either directly or indirectly referred to in the song. Each concept should be
accompanied by the relevant lyrics and a short explanation for why they relate to the
microeconomics concept listed. To get full credit you must demonstrate that you have understood
the concepts in your explanation and that the song does illustrate the concepts you list. The
following format is desired:
Relevant Microeconomics Concepts
Name of Microeconomic Concept 1
“Relevant lyrics illustrating the microeconomic concept 1”
Explanation for why the relevant lyrics relate to microeconomic concept 1
Name of Microeconomic Concept 2
“Relevant lyrics illustrating the microeconomic concept 2”
Explanation for why the relevant lyrics relate to microeconomic concept 2
You will get zero credit if:
1. I find the lyrics offensive (I’m a reasonable person, but don’t push your luck).
2. You use a song that I will have used as an example in class.
3. You use a song written to teach economics.How to submit in Moodle:
1. In Moodle, go to the Microeconomics Rock! section, and select the “Microeconomics Rock”
discussion forum
*** Do note that this forum is set up to be private – only Nathalie and the TA will see your post.
2. Click on “Add a New Topic.”
3. In subject field enter the title of your song.
4. Type your post in the “Message” box:
• OPTION 1 (preferred method): Compose your submission in your word processor and then cut
and paste it into the message box. This is recommended because it allows you to use features of
your word processor such as the spell check and saving.
• OPTION 2: Compose your submission in your word processor and attach it as a file to the message.
Attach your file by dragging it and dropping it in the spaced marked accordingly.
• OPTION 3: Compose your submission directly in the message box. This is subject to possible
frustration (e.g., computer crashes before you get the message sent, without saving your work) and
does not allow you to use the features of your word processor. This is not recommended.
5. Make sure the body of your submission contains the elements listed on the previous page and is
formatted according to the guidelines.
6. Select “Post to forum” when you are done.
7. Double check that your post does indeed show up in the forum