Microbio Public Service Announcement


In this assignment, you will design and record a short public service announcement (PSA) about hand sanitizer and/or handwashing and how it can help combat a particular public health problem.


For this assignment, you are responsible for creating a simple 30 to 60-second PSA about hand washing or hand sanitizer usage. You can focus on the overall importance and value, or you can focus on using it to prevent a particular disease, or the effect it has on microbes. The exact topic is up to you. You must research the topic in-depth and provide detailed scientific information from reputable sources. At the same time, you should put it into “layman’s terms” so that most people watching it would understand the message. See the examples and guidelines for details on how to design a PSA.

  1. At least five sources cited in APA format (turn in on a separate Word Document).
  2. Voiceover audio delivering the message.
  3. At least three images and three text-based messages (can be produced in PowerPoint slides).
  4. Accurate data, statistics, and details about hand washing/sanitizer and any other topics you discuss.
  5. A scientific explanation of why the problem exists.
  6. At least two reasons why using hand washing/hand sanitizer important.
  7. At least one relevant statistic.