Mini Cases In Strategic Management

Guidelines for Analyzing Short or Mini Cases in Strategic Management

Situation Analysis: Analyze the current situation as described in the case.

  1. The firm
  • External environment.
  • Internal environment.
  • SWOT (Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat) Analysis.
  1. The industry the firm operates in
  • Rivalry in the industry.
  • Market growth rate
  • Firm’s market share.
  1. Competition
  2. Major Challenges for the firm/industry
  3. The Firm’s Business Strategy: What strategy has the firm adopted(Cost leadership, Differentiation, Cost Focus); what are the implications on firm’s economic performance.
  4. Overall analysis
  5. Recommendation Action Plan
  6. Alternatives to Solve the Highlighted Issues or Problems
  7. Answers to the questions in the mini-case