Neighborhood Analysis – ROGERS PARK

The choice of the Neighborhood I pick is called ROGERS PARK located in Chicago

Guidelines To follow

Natural Features • Are there trees, parks, rivers, forests, grass, etc.?

• What wildlife is present: mammals, birds, insects, etc.?

Infrastructure (Organization)

• What kind of homes are in the area?

• What businesses exist and how long have they been there? •

What kind of schools are there?

• What are the roads or streets like?

• Are there a lot of cars? What kinds in terms of cost–preowned, new, etc.?

• Are there garages, parking lots or street parking?

• Is there public transportation? How far away is it from your home?

• Are there bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, etc.?

• What is pedestrian traffic like—a dense population, for example?

• What public utilities are present: gas, electric, hydro, wind, sun, nuclear?

Human Beings

• Who is your alderperson?

• What is the average age, race, and gender in your community?

• What is the average household income?

• Are there a lot of children


• What creates the boundaries or borders of your community? For instance, are there certain streets or landmarks that determine where your neighborhood begins and ends? Chicago is a city of neighborhoods, some more accessible and welcoming than others. Among the many are Austin, Lawndale, Bridgeport, Uptown, Edgewater, and South Shore.

What is your neighborhood called?


• Overall, what does the future look like for your community? If things seem promising, why? If things seem bleak, why and how can those things be changed?