Nike and New Balance case-Macroeconomic Case

Read the Nike and New Balance case I uploaded and answer the following 2 questions:

1)In this case, Nike wishes the tariffs on shoes from Vietnam to be eliminated. Please defend their position citing the reasons stated in the case and any others that you can think of.

2) Let’s assume that the TPP is implemented and that tariffs from Vietnam in question are eliminated: as an advisor to New Balance, what alternative actions would you have them consider (use your creativity—the possible answers are not necessarily addressed in the case). 


1-2 pages per question, so probably 3 pages in total

OUTLINE Format !!!!!!!! 

BULLET POINT, DOUBLE-SPACED !!! just bullet point, no paragraphs


Long-winded/ fuzzy answers will be marked down

ANSWER THE QUESTIONS (read carefully!!!!!!!! Repeat the question and then answer)

Use the data if there has the data in the case