Norton Introduction To Literature Kelly J. Mays Book

For this assignment, I want you to turn to the text book. On page 1063, under Suggestions for Writing, please read the directions for #1 and follow those to write a short, 2-4 page essay answering all the questions the writing prompt gives you.  You may choose any 2 of the poems from Blake to do this assignment. Remember though, that you will want to choose two that are directly related somehow. The introduction to the section of reading explains which poems are linked most directly, so I would start there in order to make this assignment easier to complete.

Key Terms for this assignment:

Syntax: Arrangement of words and phrases to form sentences

Diction: Word choice in order to convey a specific feeling or image

Rhythm: the beat of a poem’s lines (are the two poems similar or different and how does that similarity or difference change the feeling of the poem?)

Rhyme: How the end of the lines of a poem are related using the alphabet to designate a                                      rhyme scheme (A, A, B, B, or A, B, A, B)