Oral Pathology Condition-

Please read instructions carefully…..

Oral Pathology condition: Hematoma

Each student will be assigned a random condition of oral pathology. Students are to find a minimum of three online photos/examples of their topic and include relevant information about their topic in bullet format explaining this condition to your peers in a PowerPoint presentation. Be creative and make your presentation engaging.

I. Students will locate a minimum of three (3) online photos of their topic. Photos must be

legible, and sources cited. Include a separate reference list.

II. Students are to conduct an internet search to locate information on this topic. Use reliable sources as an APA formatted bibliography is expected and will be verified. An example of APA citation is posted on the in the Florida Online course shell. Go to the “Project” module. Open the PDF file labeled “APA Citation.” Copy the format using your reference.

III. Students are to provide relevant information on their topic using a bullet format. Things to include when preparing this PowerPoint are:

a. Alternative terms or names of the condition
b. Location in the mouth
c. Cause of the condition (there may be none…tell us) What systemic disease/condition/infectious disease causes the oral manifestation? (Maybe more than 1)

d. Could something like this be a precursor to cancer or other diseases? How? Why?

e. Color and size

f. What are the symptoms or signs of this condition (there may be none…tell us)

g. What is the recommended treatment (if any) for this condition? h. What are the dental implications of this condition?

h. What did you find interesting?

This is not a research paper. Keep it short (300 words) and concise and tell us the most important information an educated dental assistant should know.