Physical Geography

Research and share a geography-related current event found in the popular media (print newspapers like the Washington Post, magazines, and/or online websites such as National Geographic or Science Daily).  News stories with geography-related content can include anything related to weather (hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, record snowfalls or temperature, etc), natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, etc), climate-change/global warming, pollution, demographics, border & boundary changes/disputes, mapping, species habitat, water, etc.  The one realm into which I do not want you to stray is anything related to outer space (planets, asteroids, NASA-anything).  Granted, geography encompasses and touches an enormous range of scientific and cultural areas, but this is a geography, not an astronomy course.

If you are unclear as to whether or not a story qualifies as geographic, please contact me before you do any more work on it.

Comics with a geography theme are also considered CEs. If you do use them as your CE, please also submit the comic itself, along with your analysis of it.

For a story to be considered “current,” it must have been published within the past two weeks of it being used for submission. You must cite your source. Remember, you are summarizing the article. Simply “cutting-and-pasting” is not sufficient. The same applies to submitting long unaltered section of the CE. Doing either, or plagiarizing in any way, will result in a zero for that assignment and a warning. Any additional plagiarizing may result in failing the entire class.

You will not receive any points for a student response unless you have first posted your own initial CE summary. You may only use the same CE once this semester.