Posttest Only Control Group Design – Activity #12 – Alternative Designs

Class Activity #12 – Chapter 13 – Alternative Designs – Hybrid Methods II

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Instructions: You and your group are to alter the Facebook Rudeness Study 1 to fit each of the following designs you saw in Chapter 12. That is, rewrite the study for each of the following: 1). A Pretest-Posttest Design, 2). A Pretest-Posttest Control Group Designs and 3) Nonequivalent Group Design. For Study 1 design, identify the IV and DV. I also want you to indicate which (if any) MR SMITH ID confounds might be a problem in that design and which ones might not affect the design. Note that the original study used a Posttest Only Design with control group. We’ll start this one in class as an example. Your job is to complete the design for the other three categories!

Hint: For a control group (when needed), you can go with Facebook page with politely disagree comments.

1). Posttest Only Control Group Design (multi-group design)

Describe your Posttest Only Control Group Design study

Participants are randomly assigned to see one of the three versions of Corey’s Facebook profile (rudely disagree, politely disagree, and politely agree), and they then report on their impression of Corey and reaction to the post. The researcher examines participants’ impression of Corey and their reaction to the post to determine if their impression and reaction would be influenced by the rudeness of Corey’s comments they saw on the Facebook profile.

What is the IV(s), and how did you assign groups (correlated or random assignment)?




What is the DV(s)? Make sure to operationally define it/them.



You know MR SMITH ID confounds can impact study design, but some designs can better control for these confounds. For this Posttest Only Control Group Design, name one potential MR SMITH ID confounds can the researcher control. Which MR SMITH ID confounds cannot be controlled? Name two confounds that cannot be controlled.




2). Pretest—Posttest Design

Describe your Pretest—Posttest Design study







3). Pretest—Posttest Control Group Design

Describe your pretest—posttest control group study







4). Nonequivalent Group Design

Describe your nonequivalent group design