Power Point And Paper On Theorist Margaret Newman

Theory Analysis, Evaluation, and Presentation.

Submit both activities:

  1.  The PowerPoint Presentation (Text and visual design) – Power Point slides with font type in Arial; Times New Roman or Calibri. Font size greater than 20 points

2.  The Formal Paper (APA 7 Style)

Theorist (Margaret Newman)

Present a biographical review of the Theorist

Include images and quotes of the theorist

Mention Theorist relevant publications

Theory Evaluation

Present the theory official title and its relevance

Presents the historical evolution of the theory

Present the classification of the theory

Discuss the purpose or objectives of the theory

Discuss the philosophical assumptions or principles and how explicitly are stated

Define the main concepts of the theory (as defined by the theorist)

Mention and define the sub-concepts (if any)

Describe how the theory explicates the relationship between the concepts and sub-concepts

Identify, describe, and/or develop a conceptual map for the theory and explain the relations of the concepts

Discuss the benefits of the theory postulates for the practice, education, and research in nursing.

Theory Analysis – Attributes

Discuss how accessible and relevant is the theory for practice, research, and education in nursing

Explain how clear and understandable the theory is

Describe the consistency of the theory in terms of language, structure, and logic

Discuss the level of simplicity or complexity of the theory

Establish how generalizable the theory to Nursing or other health disciplines is

Applicability / Uses / Significance

Establish the medical, clinical, scientific, theoretical or practical value of the theory

Discuss the relevance and importance of the theory for the Nursing profession

Discuss how the theory be applied to present practice, education, and research

Describes the contribution of the theory to nursing science

Case Study Model

Present a case study or situation demonstrating the applicability of the theory


Include a list of primary source references utilizing and following APA 7th edition

Tables and Figures properly identified. (if apply)

APA format for margins and spaces in written paper