Psychology Of Consulting And Coaching

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There are significant differences between external and internal organizational consultants. Business leaders can decide on having a team of internal consultants or hiring external consultants. Additionally, leaders are likely to evaluate advantages and disadvantages when deciding between these two models of consulting.

Regardless of the consultation type, each is responsible for organizational level of analysis on behaviors such as organizational structure, cultural diversity, interorganizational cooperation, conflict, change, technology, and external environmental factors. Thus, a company’s business model, technology, and social organization domains are used to create simultaneous change.

You should be able to detect the nuances concerning external and internal consultants. For example, top (big) companies such as Amazon and Disney have internal consultant teams. Their primary role is to rapidly launch new initiatives to remain ahead of industry competitors. However, external consultations are more used by smaller companies. Although the roles are similar, each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

QUESTION: Which type of consultation would you adapt if you were a business owner and why?