Psychology, Sociology & Juvenile Delinquency

Abnormal Psychology

As related in your reading and the lecture notes the legitimacy of Dissociative Identity Disorder has been the subject of controversy. Below is the link to a video that highlights a woman who can switch personalities on command. After watching the video post your response to the following question on the discussion board. Do you believe that this is a legitimate psychological disorder? Why or why not? Make sure that you respond to at least one other classmate’s post. Always be polite and respectful when responding to another classmate’s post. Lecture notes are attached. Respond to it in no less than 300-400 words

MPD patient switching on command and in brain scanner.mpg (Links to an external site.)                     URL:

Introduction to Sociology

Please choose one of the following prompts and respond to it in no less than 300-400 words. In your response, you must fully answer all aspects of the question and support your answer with reference to course materials (textbook, supplementary readings, videos, etc.).

· Many social scientists and theorists have observed that whiteness is typically not a relevant form of identity for most white Americans, whereas other racial groups closely identify with their race. Given what you now know about social stratification, social identity, and culture, why do you think whites in America typically do not consider their race relevant to how they understand themselves?

· In America, people often believe that success is based on merit – effort, talent, and so on. Evidence, however, says otherwise. Considering the sociological theories and concepts you can now work with, why do you think members of societies hold true to beliefs that are not supported by evidence? What purpose might these beliefs serve for people and their societies? How might it be possible to change people’s minds?

Lecture notes are attached.

Juvenile Delinquency

Research and summarize Roper v. Simmons. Do you believe the supreme court should have banned the death penalty for juveniles? Lecture notes are attached. Respond to it in no less than 300-400 words