Reflective Assesment

Reflective assessment of personal growth/learning throughout the academic year from participation in events organised by the career office and employers relating to preparation for interview, preparation for the world of work and the skills needed by employers in this ever-changing world of work.  A reflective journal should be written in the first person (e.g. I found the workshop really beneficial and in future presentations I will……) and should outline your key learning and takeaways from this element of the module – i.e. what you found informative/useful/enlightening/challenging and what changes you have made/will make as a result of participating in this process.  The journal should also outline what additional workshops/sessions, in your opinion, could be incorporated into this section.  The key word in this assessment is “reflective” – you need to think about what you learnt and outline that in the journal.

The journal should NOT simply be a list of all the sessions/workshops you have attended.