RES- Psychology: Looking Back, Looking Forward Discussion:

For each DQ elaborate within 260-300 words. Use in text citations accordingly. Use scholarly reference(s) along with the one(s) attached as well. Use and cite references using APA 7th Style Guide accordingly. Doctoral level class.

DQ 1) According to Skakni (2017), not all doctoral learners who receive high marks in their coursework successfully complete their doctoral programs. As such, an “A” grade in RES-815 does not necessarily lead to an approved dissertation signed by the Dean of the College of Doctoral Studies. It will require a combination of skill sets beyond academic success that will contribute to growing as a learner and a scholar. It will require learners to work not only independently but also collaboratively, partnering with residency faculty and the dissertation committee. How can the adjustment to and mindset of the independent researcher contribute to working productively as a professional with your committee?

DQ 2) Looking back over the duration of the course, how has your perception of the role of researcher changed in the last eight weeks? Looking ahead, how will you build time into your schedule to work independently to continue to develop the necessary behaviors needed to navigate a doctoral program and to successfully complete a dissertation research project? Moving forward into the next course, what is one disposition you would like to incorporate into your research practice? Why? (This response does not require research support.)



Skakni, I. (2018). Doctoral studies as an initiatory trial: expected and taken-for-granted practices that impede Ph.D. students’ progress. Teaching in Higher Education23(8), 927-944. doi:10.1080/13562517.2018.1449742