Research Paper Sample

Each student will be responsible for writing a 15-page research paper (excluding Appendices or References) using APA format (6th edition) and containing the following sections:

  1. Purpose/Background/Problem
  2. Conceptual Context
  3.   Research Question
  4. Description of Methodology (Recruitment of Sample, Data Collection & Analysis)
  5. Results
  6. Discussion (including ethical issues and trustworthiness)
  7. Implications for Social Work Research, Practice and Policy
  8. Appendices (include field notes, transcripts, themes)

*The first three sections of the final paper are basically the same as the material submitted before the data were gathered and analyzed. They need to be revised here to reflect any changes in the project since that time and feedback that you received from your instructor. The bulk of the final paper will be the write-up of the results of the project. In addition, the paper should include a discussion section (including discussion of any ethical issues raised by the project, and discussion of the threats to the trustworthiness of the results), and some discussion of implications for social work.

*Students must include appendices that include the consent form, interview guide, and the details of the codes and data analysis. Students do not need to submit any transcripts.