Russian Revolution DBQ

Russian Revolution DBQ


Directions: Read the documents and answer the accompanying questions in complete sentences. Assignment worth 40 Points. 2 Points for each question.


Document 1:


  1. What does this chart say about the level of industrialization in Russia in 1913?



  1. Why would it be useful to compare Germany and Russia in 1913?



  1. What conclusion is suggested by the kilometers of railway?



Document 2:


  1. What does this say about Russia’s war effort at home?




  1. What does this explain about Russia’s military in World War I?







Document 3:


  1. How does this chart help explain the February Revolution?




  1. How does this chart conflict with your understanding of the February Revolution? Explain your thoughts.




Document 4:


  1. Why were food shortages a major problem in Petrograd?




  1. How did food shortages contribute to a revolutionary movement in Russia?






Document 5:


  1. What concerns about the revolutionary movement are expressed in the first memo?



  1. According to the second memo, what are conditions like in Moscow?



  1. Why do you think the American government is interested in Russian politics?












Document 6:


  1. Why would these slogans appeal to the Russian people?




  1. How would people today, in 2021, feel about these slogans?





Document 7:



  1. What does the protest in this picture tell us about the political condition in Russia?




Document 8:



  1. Why does Lenin denounce the new Provisional Government?




  1. According to Lenin, what lesson must be learned from the revolution?

















Document 9:



  1. With the overthrow of the Provisional Government, which organization will be in power?




  1. What is the first plan of this new government?




Overall Question:

  1. Based on the primary source documents you have read above, what is your prediction for the outcome of the Russian Revolution on Russia?