SAS 009 Crisis In Environment Final Paper Research On Nanoparticle In The Environment

Crisis in the Environment
Assignment: Final Paper
Please write a paper about nanoparticles in the environment!!!
For the final paper, we will be reading from the point of view of a well-intentioned politician. What that means is
that we will read your papers from the perspective of an intelligent person who does not have an extensive
background in your specific topic. As such, you need to be sure to clearly articulate and define the relevant
subject matter and provide adequate detail to provide a comprehensive picture of your topic. Furthermore, your
paper should be objective, presenting all the relevant material needed for us to be well informed. This is NOT a
subjective essay that is influenced by personal feelings or opinions and intended to tell us what to do. Instead, you
should present the facts on both sides of an argument in a way that lets the reader make an informed opinion about
the topic.
This paper should consider the interactions between humans and the environment that have led to the existence of
the issue you have selected. To the extent possible, the paper should take a holistic approach to address the issue.
You might consider organizing your discussion, if appropriate, to highlight the causes (drivers & pressures) 
effects (state & impact)  solutions (responses) related to your topic. It is also suggested to incorporate the
political, societal and economic ramifications as appropriate.
FORMAT: Papers should be typed and between 4 and 5 pages in length using double spacing, 1-inch margins
and a 12-point font. The header of your essay should include one line with your name.
STRUCTURE: The paper must include the following:
1. A descriptive title which indicates what the paper is about, i.e. NOT “Final Research Paper”
Examples: Are Toxic Molds Making your Family Sick?
Asbestos – A Hidden Killer in the Air We Breath
2. An introduction that sets the theme, providing the motivating drive and enough background information for
the discussion that follows. At the end of the introduction, specifically state and bold the objective or theme
of your paper (i.e. thesis statement). Ensure there is sufficient context to fully understand the thesis.
Additionally, the thesis should not just be tacked on at the end of the introduction–the transition into it should
be smooth.
3. A discussion that provides a science-based approach to your environmental issue. After you have addressed
the science of the topic, address the political, societal and economic ramifications with sound and balanced
reasoning (e.g., discuss both the pros and cons related to your arguments). Be careful not to do too much
editorializing–stating your personal opinions without backing them up with facts or a rational argument. It is
recommended that if your topic has environmental justice considerations, that you clearly state them and
describe the vulnerable populations and the impacts, or potential impacts, on those groups.
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4. A short conclusion that summarizes the entire discussion and relates back to the objectives (thesis statement)
you proposed in the introduction.
5. A reference list showing your sources of factual information. The reference list does not count towards the
5-page limit. APA Format is required.
Additional Requirements
1. The introduction portion of the assignment should be approximately half a page single-spaced. It should
clearly define the focus/theme of your paper and will ultimately serve as a portion of the introduction for your
final paper. Clearly introduce your topic and develop the specific objective(s) of your paper. It should not be
written in an outline format, rather, it should briefly introduce and explain the main points that you expect to
cover in greater detail in your final paper. Clearly state your thesis statement at the end of the description and
highlight in bold.
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