Screen Time And Child Development


Remember you will be choosing at least five sources for your paper. You must find five articles within the reputable news that detail a scientific experiment(s) related to your topic. These must be five unique studies; do not pick five news articles that describe the same research study.

Below is a list of potential sources (however, you are not restricted to using these websites):

o ScienceDaily:
o NPRScienceNews: o TheNewYorkTimesScienceSection: o NationalGeographicDailyNews:
o ScientificAmericanNews: o TheScientist:
o DiscoveryNews:
o LiveScience:
o ScienceNews:
o NatureNews:

Unacceptable sources for this assignment include personal websites, blogs, and wikis.


You should begin your paper by introducing the topic at hand. Here, you may want to discuss how this topic relates to your personal life. You should also include any introductory information, such important definitions. You may also decide to describe previous studies, observations, or controversies that surround your topic. Be sure to cite any of these supplemental, reputable sources in your paper. In each of your body paragraphs, you will then explain how your five scientific studies relate to this topic. You may even decide to discuss how the scientific method (problem/observation, hypothesis, experiment, results, conclusion) was applied. You will conclude by discussing what the research has shown in relation to your topic, what questions were raised by their research, and the future work that could be done. Be detailed in this final section of your paper.

The paper should be double-spaced, have one-inch margins, use standard professional font type, and use standard professional font size. Please include your name and include a title to your paper. It should also be written with stylistically correct grammar and punctuation.

In addition, your paper will be 8-10 pages (not including reference or title pages) in length. You need to ensure that you are providing enough detail for your audience so they understand, for example, the background for your paper topic. Papers that are too short do not provide enough detail for your readers to understand your studies, so you will likely need to do additional research (remember to cite these sources!) to properly describe it. However, do not pad your paper length by rambling about tangential topics, keep it relevant to the requirements for this assignment.

All sources for this assignment should be reputable and should be properly documented. Be sure to reference all sources of information using APA style both in-text with parenthetical citations and with a reference page. Remember, though you are largely presenting about a few sources for this assignment, you may not copy and paste text from these sources (or any other) into your paper. Do not plagiarize! Instead, digest your source material and use your own words! Make it relatable for your audience. This is part of your job as a writer.