Social Change-Sociology Homework

How would sociologists analyze social change?

Your outline should look something like this:

  1. A) INTRO paragraph: introduce topic, tell the reader which three things you’ll be discussion
  2. B) Functionalism: how would a functionalist see social change? What are the functions of social change? What are the dysfunctions? Does social change lead to more stability/cohesion/solidarity, or less? Does social change bring us together, or push us further apart? In the end, is social change a positive, or a negative for society?
  3. C) Conflict Theory: how would a conflict theorist analyze social change? use examples. Talk about power. Talk about exploitation and oppression.  Talk about why necessary social change is, and what should be done to create positive social change.
  4. D) Symbolic Interactionism: how would a symbolic interactionist analyze social change? You could talk about symbols, you could talk about face to face interactions, you could talk about how different people interpret reality differently. You could talk about how symbolic interactionists would study activism, or social movements, or other forms of collective action. You could talk about how these sociologists would approach the problem differently than functionalists or conflict theorists.
  5. E) Conclusions

You should give me 2-3 pages (excluding title page), double spaced, 12 point font.  You should use headings to set up the paper and tell the reader where you are going next. Don’t worry about citing sources, or putting in a reference page.