Social issues-Globalization Of Diversity And Inclusion

Assignment Content

Select a current social issue that has global diversity and inclusion implications. Reflect on how the materials you encountered in this week’s reading and videos relate to the social issue you selected.

Create an 8- to 10-slide presentation that accomplishes the following:

1. Identify the social issue you have selected. Name the historically marginalized and/or multicultural groups, if any, who are at the center of this social issue. List any organizations connected to this social issue.

2. Determine if there are any social justice implications related to this social issue.

3. What are the key messages those in support of this social issue are promoting? Provide examples.

4. Name the key areas of opposition regarding this social issue.

5. Decide what, if any, legal implications are associated with this social issue.

6. Discuss what challenges this social issue presents in society and/or the workplace.

7. Explain how awareness of this social issue benefits society and/or the workplace.

8. Research what global impact this social issue has. Does this social issue exist in countries outside of the United States? If so, what are similarities and differences to how this issue is addressed abroad?

9. Determine if there are any social media implications related to this social issue. How is this social issue portrayed on social media and in the media?

10. Consider what your personal views are on this social issue. What are possible solutions to improve, resolve, or eradicate this social issue?

  • Use speaker notes for additional information and to provide supplemental and reflective information.

    Include a minimum of two scholarly articles/academic references.

    Format your presentation according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.