Social Media – Role Play the “Customer”

Prepare your Initial Post

✔️ Role Play the “Customer”

  • Choose a company of your choice and pretend you are a customer (or hopeful future employee) for this company.
  • As a customer/future employee, you have a question and/or complaint for the company – what is it?
  • What social media channel (owned by your chosen company) are you going to post your comment?

✔️ Share your Customer Post to the Discussion Board Below

Respond to this discussion board with the following 3 items listed in the following order:

  1. Company you are writing to (include a hyperlink for reference)
  2. Social Media Channel of the company you are writing on (include a hyperlink for reference)
  3. What you post to the company; Format your post using a social media post generator and save it as an image that you will embed into the discussion board (there are several free options available online), for example: