Social Media-Social Entertainment

This assignment doesn’t need formal paper. You can copy the question on the paper and answer each one of them.

Answer the following questions based on Chapter 8 and 9 of Tuten, T. L. & Solomon, M. R. (2018). Social Media Marketing (3rd ed.):

  1. What is social entertainment? What are the types of social entertainment?
  2. How do casual gamers differ from hardcore gamers? Are social gamers casual, a hybrid of casual and hardcore, or a new segment of gamer all together?
  3. What are the four major game genres? Provide examples of each. What is the distinguishing characteristic associated with each genre?
  4. What makes a game social? Explain the characteristics of social games.
  5. Explain the differences between pre-roll, post-roll, and interlevel in-game advertising.
  6. What is an advergame? How do we distinguish it from other social games?
  7. How is brand integration and immersive in-game advertising different from other forms of branding in social games?
  8. Why is brand sponsorship of video influencers so effective?
  9. What is the advantage of using original branded video content for marketing rather than advertising in other content?
  10. What is social music?
  11. How can entertainment brands leverage social TV?

12. Explain the concept of purchase pals. Do you pull your offline and online purchase pals from the same pool of friends and family, or are they different somehow?

13. How is social commerce related to e-commerce? In the future, will e-commerce be able to exist without social applications? Why or why not?

14. What are the benefits that accrue to businesses implementing social shopping applications?

15 What is the distinction between social shopping and social commerce?

16. How are reviews different from recommendations? Why are ratings an important cue to include with a review site?

17. Explain the concept of bounded rationality as it relates to social shopping.

18.Which stage of the decision-making process is most affected by the dimensions of social commerce? Explain.

19. What is thinslicing?

20. Explain the six sources of influence prevalent in social commerce applications.