[Solved] How does the Frye test differ from the Federal Rules of Evidence

How does the Frye test differ from the Federal Rules of Evidence (Daubert) test? What was the decision in the Daubert case? How did Daubert change prior practice in federal courts?

In addition to blood, what other substances are used to determine alcohol content in DUI cases? What other tests may be performed in determining if a driver is impaired by alcohol or drugs. What conditions must be met before the evidence will be admissible in court?

Is testimony regarding fingerprint comparisons for identification purposes authorized in a criminal case? How can one qualify as a fingerprint expert? Are the police required to take fingerprints at the scene of a crime? Must the officer give the Miranda warnings before taking fingerprints in order for the fingerprint evidence to be admissible? Explain your answers.

How does one qualify as a witness to testify about the results of ballistics experiments? Give examples of some of the subjects of ballistics expert testimony.

Describe the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) test. How is this test used in criminal cases? Has the test been approved by state courts and by federal courts? Do the courts generally acknowledge the validity of the scientific principles of DNA testing? Explain your answers.

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