Southwest Airlines – Discussion

Questions for Discussion:

1) Southwest Airlines is one of the best examples of a company that executes “integrated marketing” extremely well.  Why would you think this statement is true (or false)?  Can you think of another company which might be a good example of executing integrated marketing well?

2) Not many text books or marketing courses talk much about the direct selling industry; but it has been a very powerful marketing structure for many years.  Why do you think the personal selling model used by Mary Kay or AmWay has been so successful?

3) Has the onslaught of digital marketing affected traditional advertising agencies positively or negatively?   Why or why not?   What do you consider to be the three most effective digital marketing platforms or examples in today’s marketplace?

Guidelines for Your Discussion Forum Response:

Based on the three questions above, post a new discussion topic (using the “Add new discussion topic” button) consisting of a 150 word (minimum) discussion.  To receive full credit, you must actively participate in Discussion Forums by responding to the discussion questions and replying to responses of other students. Your initial posting and your replies to other students are due by April 25th no later than 11:59 PM. Use the Reply feature of the discussion topic to respond to at least TWO of your fellow students postings.  Each Discussion Forum is worth Five (5.0) points toward your final grade in the course.  Remember to cite and list your references.