Statistical And Mathematical Questions With Answers

1. An experiment was designed to identify a better ultrafiltration membrane for
separating proteins and peptide drugs from fermentation broth. Two levels of
an additive PVP (% wt) and time duration (hours) were investigated to
determine the better membrane. The separation values (measured in %)
resulting from these experimental runs are as follows:
(a) Compute the estimates of the effects and their standard errors for this design.
(b) Construct two-factor interaction plots and comment on the interaction of the factors.
(c) Use the t ratio to determine the significance of each effect with α = 0.05. Comment
on your findings.
(d) Compute an approximate 95% CI for each effect. Compare your results with those
in part (a) and comment.
(e) From your results in (a) and (b), build a model that relates the separation to the
design factors.
(f) From your model, determine the optimal settings to maximize the separation.