Statistics Project Proposal Sample

For the statistics project you are completing in this course, you will need to select a relevant topic that will allow you to gather both qualitative and quantitative data. You may gather data from a group of your choice using a data collection instrument (survey or data mining) that you design. Using the results of that collection instrument, you will create a data set, analyze the data, and create a professional report showing the results of the data that you collected.

For this assignment you will choose a topic and create a data collection instrument. When selecting a topic, remember you need to collect both quantitative and qualitative data. Data collection could be done in the form of a survey via a medium such as Survey Monkey or Facebook or through available workplace content such as sales orders. You will want to collect data from approximately 30 observations. This means you will want to survey at least 30 people or select data from 30 different sales orders.

Submit the topic of the study, a rationale (one or two paragraphs) outlining the purpose of the study, and the data collection instrument you created as a Word document. Include relevant survey links if the data is being collected digitally.

For this Module/Week 2 assignment, you are to write JUST a Statistics Project Proposal in a Word Docx file. In the Proposal, include 1) the topic of the study, 2) rationale (that is a need or gap in existing literature) of the study, and 3) how you will collect at least three (3) quantitative and least three (3) qualitative data from at least 30 people you will interview or at least 30 individual data from an existing data/database.