Subnetting Worksheet- You Have One Address, And You Want To Subnet That Address.

You have one address, and you want to subnet that address. You want 10 subnets.

  1. What class is this address?
  2. How many bits do you have to borrow to get 10 subnets? (borrowing 1 bit gives you 2 subnets, 2 bits gives you 4 subnets, etc.)
  3. What is the CIDR notation? (hint: network bits PLUS borrowed subnet bits and it’s a / notation)
  4. What is the subnet mask?
  5. How many host bits are left? (you had 8 to begin with)
  6. How many useable hosts does that allow per subnet? (you lose 2 hosts per subnet, one for the network and one for the broadcast)

Fill in the chart using the file  below