Question 1.



Visit Fedscope ( and identify and explain at least one interesting trend. This tool is an example of OLAP. Describe how this trend can be used to develop a business strategy.

Attach a screenshot along with your narrative in Word format. (Minimum length = 150 words)


When the trend appears on your screen, press the PrtScrn (Print Screen) key on your keyboard then go into Word and select Edit, Paste. You might want to edit and crop the pasted image—select the image, choose Picture Tools/Format, click the Crop button, adjust the sizing bars, then click the Crop button again. Below the screen shot, describe the trend and relate it to a business strategy. Attach this Word document to your posting.

Instructions for using Fedscope can be found at: Hint: Use the Chart icon chart buttonwhich is the second button on the toolbar at the bottom of the Fedscope screen. Also, try changing your dimensions like twisting your Rubik’s cube!

Note: Avoid the use of Google Chrome for this assignment. This site is best viewed in Internet Explorer 5+, Netscape 7+, Mozilla and/or Firefox but there is no guarantee that the site will be accessible.