Technology Management Proposal

Components and Format for a Mini Proposal

Each proposal should consist of a title page; a project narrative, not to exceed five-pages (12

pt. font and 1-inch margins); and one-page bios from the principal investigator (PI).

1. Title page

  • The title page should include the title of the project and the names, affiliations, and email addresses of the PI.

2. Project narrative

  • The project narrative should not exceed five-pages (with 1-inch margins) of text (12

pt. font) and figures.

  • The project narrative should include the following sections/headings, each containing a clear and concise description of the project:
  • Problem statement,
  • Summary of prior research,
  • Project goals,
  • Research approach, and
  • Potential impact of the proposed work.

3. One-page bios

  • A one-page bio is required for the PI.
  • Each bio should highlight work demonstrating the researcher’s relevance to the proposed project if possible.

Due April 30th @ 12pm