The Bridge Project

The Bridge Project ( 3 pages )

Topic: You may choose any topic you would like, as long as it is related in some way to World Religions and you are able to connect the topic to yourself in some way (“the bridge”).

Format: You may choose any format you think will work.  The goal of the bridge project is to encourage you to recognize/demonstrate some kind of relationship between religion and your personal life.  You do not have to be religious to do this; all you have to do is find some way in which religion affects your life, for good or bad (or both or neither). Music, songs, poetry, journals, papers, three-dimensional structures, interviews, book reviews, etc are all acceptable (among other possibilities).

I realize that these instructions are very general and somewhat vague.  That is on purpose, so that you have the freedom to explore and create what you would like, within those broad boundaries, for the project.

Grading:  Grading is on a 100 point scale, just like the tests.  The project is 12.5% of the final grade.  I will emphasize content primarily in grading, but style, creativity, and effort and will all be secondary grading considerations.