The Clean Air Act (CAA)-Week 5 Discussion 2

1.clean air act has done a lot of good to help to clean the air and mainly to prevent the air pollution. Still we have many air problems issues which effect children and elderly. What do you think it should be done to make this Act more efficient? Does this Act has enough resources and teeth to take care of all issues related to air pollution or we need to update it?

2.Clean water is vital for our survival and we cannot live without it. There are so many pollutants in the environment these days and many of them get into our water and create health and environmental problems. We have seen news from Michigan and others places with contaminated pipes which could be due to old pipelines. We need to spend more resources to keep our drinking water venues safe. Do you think that we need a specific tax to allocate just to this issue and make sure that we have resources to take care of any problems which may show up? Clean water Act takes care of some of these issues, but everyday new chemicals are coming to the market which makes it hard to keep the water safe and clean.