The Corporation movie response

    • Watch the movie “The Corporation”
      • Respond to at least 3 of the guide questions AND
      • You  must cite at least 2 scholarly articles and/or your required textbooks (Boatright and Smith and/or Comer and Vega) in your discussion

      Guide Questions (respond to at least 3 questions):

    1.  In the movie, the corporation is described as a kind of person. What kind of person is the corporation according to experts in teh movie? Do you agree or disagree? Please explain.
    2. Who bears the moral responsibility for the “corporation’s” actions? Please explain your rationale.
    3. Is it possible to be a large corporation that is socially responsible AND make major profits? Please explain your rationale.
    4. If a product cannot be made sustainable should it be made at all? Please explain your rationale