Trade And Industrial Policies

Write a one page argument for what trade policies you think the government of your assigned country should pursue. ( Tanzania  )

This paragraph is not just descriptive. Instead, you should make an argument: take a stand on a specific policy and defend your choice. You will be graded not on which policy you choose, but rather how well you support your argument.

First, explain which policy you think the country should take (e.g. ISI, export-led, free trade, something else…). Mention at least one specific sector you referred to in last week’s page.

Second, briefly explain what effects you’d expect the policy to have in theory.

Third, explain why you think those effects are good for the country.


  • 12 point font (Times New Roman, Computer Modern, or something similar)
  • Double spaced
  • 1 inch margins
  • Refer back to last week’s assignment at least once
  • Cite at least 1 source