Tuskegee experiment – Ethical Problems Raised

Using external resources, in a minimum of 1000 words, describe what you learned about the Tuskegee experiment. (use the following questions to guide you).

  1. What was the experiment about?
  2. Describe the study participants in terms of demographics.
  3. Describe at least, three ethical problems raised by the study.
  4. How long did the experiment last?
  5. Describe five consequences of the experiment.
  6. How was the problem brought revealed?
  7. Was there any attempt to ameliorate the problem, if so, describe it/them?
  8. What are the far-reaching fallouts of the experiment in relation to Covid vaccination?
  9. Provide an example of an action that is legal but ethically problematic to the research community.
  10. Provide an example of an action that may be illegal but ethically acceptable.