Urban Metabolism-urban environmental issues-Article Writing

Rubric for the 2050 Final Project
The 2050 Project Paper Prompt: Choose an urban environmental issue and research it: The issue must be
urban and environmental. Narrow your focus to one issue (e.g. ‘water scarcity in Cairo’ (not ‘global
warming’). How is this urban environmental issue impacting the city and the city’s residents physically,
economically, politically, and socially? Based on our course materials and your own research discuss how
the urban environmental issue can be mitigated (fixed or reduced), what would be the implementation
process, and what is your desired outcome for the city and its residents? Based on your brilliant solution(s)
to an urban environmental issue discuss your implementation process and strategy and explain how your
city will look like and how it will function for all of its residents.
The Academic Standard 1000-1200 words, 12pt font, New Times Roman, double spaced. Use at least 3
resources from this course and 3 resources from outside of the course. Make sure to include a
bibliography/work cited page, using APA or MLA citation style, and with in-text citations. This paper is
where you will bring what you learned in this course by applying a framework to an urban environmental
Citation Recourse https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/resources.html
Citation Recourse https://guides.library.pdx.edu/cite

o Environmental Justice
o Access/The Commons
o Urban Metabolism/Human Flows
o Climate Change
o Sustainability & Resilience
o Agriculture/Food Systems
Introduce the reader to your urban environmental issue. Write a cohesive narrative on how your topic is
an urban environmental issue and how it impacts the city, its residents/communities, and the
environmental health of our planet. The following questions are to help you think through and guide
your project. The answers to most of these questions should be answered, in some form, in your final
paper. Also included in this list are terms and concepts that should be identified, described, and
discussed in your project. These questions and identifiers are not exhaustive, and they do not have to be
answered any particular order.
Things to identify, define, and discuss

• Identify the urban environmental issue you will be discussing and describe why and how it is an
urban environmental issue.
• Identify and explain your framework and how it will help the reader understand the urban
environmental issue you will be discussing.
• Identify the city and country. If you are taking a closer look, also identify the specific
• Identify the residents and/or communities who are impacted by the urban environmental issue
and explain how and why.

Questions to help you think through and guide your project
• Why and how is this urban environmental issue taking place?
• What are the municipal policies, practices, and processes that created this urban environmental
• What residents and/or communities are historically impacted by this urban environmental issue?
• Why are these communities vulnerable to this particular urban environmental issue?
• Is this a new urban environmental issue or does it have a historical legacy?
• Is this urban environmental issue unique to this city or is this a worldwide phenomenon?
• What are the possible policies, practices, and processes you suggest for fixing/mitigating this
urban environmental issue by 2050?
• Who can aid in fixing/mitigating this urban environmental issue? Identify possible individuals,
residents/communities, governments (local, county, state, federal), organizations/agencies
(United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Green Peace, Sierra Club) who can
help fix the urban environmental issue. Also discuss what actions they must take to organize and
combat this urban environmental issue.
• Is there infrastructure and/or technology that can be created, retrofitted, or used to help fix this
urban environmental issue? If so, name it/them and also address the implementation processes.
If these infrastructures and and/or technologies are used in other areas or cities explain how it
must be adjusted for your city and its residents. Do these fixies bring about new urban
environmental concerns?
• How can residents and communities most impacted by this environmental issue be at the table
in fixing it as well as included in the decision-making process to help alleviate this urban
environmental issue?
• What does a socially and environmental just outcome look like and how does it function for this
city, its residents, and the environment?

The Webpage/Blog
This is your opportunity to bring out your creative side to this project. Use images, links, and other
media help showcase your work. If you refer to any of these materials in your paper make sure you cite
the appropriate sources and in the correct way. Label all images and cite their correct sources within the
webpage and next to the image.
Use a free website builder (Weebly is free and highly suggested) here’s a link…

Submit your final paper (in a word doc) with your website link by 3/15/2021, by 11:59 pm.
All the weblinks will be made available to you via an announcement