VA Kinesiology Article Review Discussion.

This article review is based on a research study class for exercise science/ kinesiology
I have attached the instructions ( listed as AR 1 & AR 2) as well as the article for this assignment (High frequency).
Be analytical, reflective, and insightful in constructing your critique. Please do the following things:•Communicate your own views on the design of the studying the body of your paper. You may find it helpful to develop your ideas by either agreeing or disagreeing with the specific design based upon class information. An appropriate way to do this would be to describe the major design principles used in the study and to cite the functional strengths and weaknesses of the design. You would then add to or subtract from the critique your substantiated personal views.
•Avoid unsupported personal opinion. Provide a supported position by using appropriate references and examples from class lecture notes or from supportive literature.