Ways to Prevent the Development of Cancer.

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Ways to Prevent the Development of Cancer.

The research for ways to prevent the development of cancer had a lot of challenges. According to the study reports, the methods that were used for data collection were meta-analysis, the virtual library through the Homepage of MRU, and others. The researcher was limited to accessing complete information since the most effective ways of preventing cancer, like being vaccinated, do not appear in the research work. This shows a limitation where the data was either unreliable or did not access the complete information. According to (Battino 2019), the Mediterranean diet is linked with life quality and longevity. This statement seems to be invalid since the researcher doesn’t provide any objective evidence that supports the validity of his argument. He or she should have met any person who has already used the Mediterranean diet. It is a challenge for everybody in society to have access to the Mediterranean diet.

According to the research report, chemoprevention is said to be the most effective method of preventing cancer. It is genuine chemoprevention is the most expensive way of preventing cancer. The vulnerable people in society can’t access such prevention methods since it the best sure way. The most significant limitation is the standards of living amongst the people in the community. This has led to many women losing their lives and others losing their breasts due to cancer. This prevention method should be availed for free to help everybody I the community. Due to the inferior technology in the medical fields, some patients discover cancer at the last stage. This is because there is no continued cross-checking or screen checking due to poverty.


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