Short Essay:

Please read/watch/listen to the list of texts/clips in the bottom of this page (see also the last Module on Canvas) and write a short essay (400-700 words). For this essay – no need of title page, but do include list of sources you used. I am looking to see that you read the texts and gave some thought to the conflict on abortion through the prism of the course.


The abortion conflict has developed into complex moral, political, and gendered issues. Differently than in other countries/cultures, the abortion conflict is usually regarded as a taboo in the U.S. culture and is hardly discussed in the academic setting. The goal of this assignment is not to convince you to support a certain attitude, but to teach you some history and multiple perspectives in order to be further educated when these potential discussions arise. You are also aiming to understand how views of gender are central to this topic.

This assignment includes completing a reading exam (see list on Canvas and within the assignment) and then writing a short essay based on these readings and other course material, where you are asked to simply explain the reasons and arguments of women who support abortion and the reasons and arguments of women who do not support abortion.

A synchronous session will allow me to develop a discussion for the class (check three potential time slots on December 8), and to ask you to share an insight that you gained. The goal is to bring this session into a deeper understanding within the gender lens of the course.

Suggested structure of the essay (please include also a subtitle at the beginning of each section):

1. Brief introduction

2. Devoting 2-3 paragraphs on why certain women identify with campaigns that support the legal right for abortion?

3. Devoting 2-3 paragraphs on why other women identify with campaigns against the legal right for abortion? (2-3 paragraphs)

4. Your own insights/reflection on this process of thinking/learning

* Please include in each in section (#2 and #3) at least 3 of the following terms (highlighted/bold) (preferably, use the three same terms in both sections): body, violence, right, control, power, femininity, liberal feminism, cultural feminism, territoriality, proxemics, dehumanizing, objectifying. Please relate also to perceptions of feminism. You are encouraged to use also ch.12 gendered Power and Violence, and the section on proximity and personal space in chapter 6.