Cognitive Dissonance Theory As A Persuasion Technique In The Movie “Thank You For Smoking”

This is a communication paper looking to analyze the cognitive dissonance theory as a persuasive technique in the movie “Thank you for Smoking” by Jaison Reitman.

The essay must include at least 4 parts. (they do not need to be identified but must need to flow like:

Part 1- Introduction ( 2 peer reviewed)

– Talk about the movie

– The importance of persuasion and understanding it

Part 2- Persuasion strategies (4 peer reviewed)

– Cognitive dissonance theory and examples (within the movie)- (screenshots, or YouTube video links in appendix)

– other persuasion techniques must be included within this section (at least 1 more)

– Why are they effective ? What do I like about them ?

Part 3- Recommendations (2 peer reviewed)

– First person can be used

Part 4- Conclusion

– Summary


Appendix must be included at the end. 8 peer review articles must be included as well. The citations on the paper must be APA style.