Critical Thinking Report

Critical Thinking Report Guidelines
For the Critical Thinking Report assignment, you will choose a chapter and research an article that focus’ on
that topic. The assignment will consist of 4 parts: (1) Cover page (an example is provided below, (2) Two page
written report, (3) Copy of your article or link to the article, and (4) Reference page (an example follows the
cover page and is a separate page). The article link should be noted in the Reference page in APA format as
with any other references. (Refer to information below regarding website for using APA).
Written Report
In the Critical Thinking Report, you will conduct a critical analysis of the topic discussed in the article and
address how it relates to the focus of our studies in the chapter you have selected. You may choose an article
subject we have discussed in class or will discuss in class, or other HR management related topic or issue that is
of particular interest to you. I encourage you to select a chapter whose content appeals to you. Although there
are scholarly journals that have a number of articles related to business, you will take your article from a current
business source. Below is a list of recommended sources you may select. Several other sources exist and many
of these and other sources have online resources. Some of the sources may no longer be available.
The first part of your paper is a summary and analysis of the article. Follow your summary and analysis of
the article and how it applies to the chapter concepts you have learned and to the study of business and
management. Be explicit. The remainder of the report will answer the following questions:
What are your conclusions about the article?
Why did you choose this article?
What are the two most important things you have learned from this reading?
Is there a quote or phrase from the article that you would like to remember?
The following format should be used as headings for the completed the report as follows:
Summary and Analysis of Article (Be sure to name the article in the summary with proper in-text citation
(i.e. author’s last name and year)
Conclusions about the Article
How the Article Applies to Chapter Concepts
Why I Selected This Article?
Two Most Important Things Learned from this Article Reading
Quote or Phrase from the Article to Remember
The report is a two (2) page, double spaced, Times New Roman – 12, typed report using the format as detailed
in your syllabus. You must select an article from a credible source. Please ensure you have cited the article
correctly within your paper. The article selected must be a minimum of 500 words, a maximum of 2 pages in
The Wall Street Journal USA Today
Forbes Fortune
Barron’s The Seattle Times
Black Enterprise Entrepreneur Magazine
Harvard Business Review Journal of Business Ethics
Business Week Newsweek
length and no more than 3 years old.
You will submit your assignment (according to the due date) on-line (uploaded to Canvas) along with a copy of
the original article or you may include a URL (web address) of your article. Make sure that the URL you submit
is correct and accessible when clicking on the link (verify before sending). If the link is not accessible, you will
not receive points for this section.
Following the cover page example are an example reference page and a copy of the rubric that will be used for
your guidance and grading.
Website link information below regarding APA formatting (i.e. use of references, references list, in-text
citations, etc.).
Purdue OWL APA:
Critical Thinking Report
Name of Article in quotation marks
Student’s First and Last Name
Instructor: Caroline Leffall
Date & Year of Assignment
(Include your article resource and the textbook since you will be referring to and citing chapter concepts in the
textbook – Make sure the reference list is alphabetized according to authors’ last name. Remove this highlighted
area before submitting the report)
Adams, R. (2016, March 25). Is artificial intelligences dangerous? Forbes. Retrieved from
Dessler, G. (2019). Fundamentals of Human Resource Management (5
ed.). New York City, New York:
Critical Thinking Report Rubric
Topic Name:
Evaluation Criteria Points Eval
Suitable Topic: 15
· Topic relevant to business and/or management and course (10)
· Credible source (5)
Composition: 15
· Writing clear and complete (8)
· Grammar, spelling (7)
Guidelines followed 30
· Correct format for the assignment, access to article provided (10)
· All required parts of the assignment submitted (10)
· APA citation (10)
Analysis of the article and application to business and/or management 40
· Summary outlines the main idea of the article (10)
· Connection of article’s specific ideas to relevant chapter concepts (10)
· Conclusions relating to business and course concepts clear (10)
· Key questions answered (10)
Total: 100