Data Analysis and Interpretation

For the Data Analysis and Interpretation assignment, you will assess at least one child using the DIBELS (Links to an external site.), which can be found at .

From your implementation of the DIBELS (Links to an external site.), use the data collected to analyze and interpret the strengths/weaknesses of the students. Be specific, including the actual data collected in the narrative, in the form of a chart, or another way and describing what the data mean and how you will utilize the results of the data to develop an intervention plan with the student. That is, in order for the audience to understand the data, the data must be specifically interpreted along with a specific plan of action related to the findings from the administration of the DIBELS (Links to an external site.).

***Since you are out of school and do not have access to your students or a classroom of students due to COVID-19, please find at least ONE child that you can assess using the DIBELS (Links to an external site.) to complete this assignment. This could be your child, a neighbor’s child (that is okay with you interacting with their child safely following the CDC requirements for social distancing, wearing masks and gloves, etc.***