How you can make a difference.

Throughout this course, you identified some possible areas in which you could have an impact. Perhaps you have a more entrepreneurial spirit and are eager to strike out on your own after graduation. Maybe you are now considering an internship or pursuing an advanced degree. In what ways has this course changed or further supported your thinking about life after graduation.

For this final (brief) assignment, we would like you to answer this module’s question “Do we have answers for the challenges before us?”. In particular, we want you to reflect how you can make a difference. To do so, please:

  • Review the ASU Design Aspiration. You may pick one, several, or all of them to guide your reflection. (
  • Reflect on what you learned about yourself in this class (e.g., skill development, digital native,personal philosophy as identified in the interactive Castle, Forest, Island, Sea ( 
  • Reflect on what you learned from others in this class (e.g., discussions, mock interview).

A couple tips to help you succeed:

  • Reference the ASU Design Aspiration(s).
  • Reference your experiences and materials in this class.
  • It is recommended that you compose your response in a text document first and attach the file (instead of typing in the text box).
  • Always keep a copy of your work.
  • Your reflection will be evaluated by your instructor according to the course rubric.

Please limit your essage to 500 words (approx. 2 pages) using double-spaced paragraphs, common fonts (e.g., Arial, Times New Roma, Calibri), and font sizes.